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Power commander pc3 maps bareass choppers motorcycle. What ranges do the face plate buttons affect my fuel curve. If you need help with your power commander v, please contact our power commander v customer support team. Also, those maps are typically too rich so you are wasting alot of fuel for no reason. I understand that every bike is different and that a custom tune is ideal but wouldnt one of rylans average maps be similar in fit to victorys stock and stage 1 maps. New maps are developed weekly for all popular applications. We can download and set up the accelerator pump feature which increases throttle response. I have tried to provide as much information as possible on each bike to help with the selection of a map that will work well for you. After installation of the power commander with the base map, we would expect to see 85%95% optimization. Unparalleled tech support instructions for setting up your pc3, pcfc or pcv to your bike airbox modification instructions optional. Downloads powercommander v files rottweilerperformance.

I got this from the tuner i bought my power commander 5 from. Fuel moto offers 100% product support on the dynojet power commander v. Sep 03, 2009 there are 2 formats for power commander maps pc iii with a. Speedwerx the worldwide leader in arctic cat snowmobile. We then download power commander maps and send one to our pcfc. I have developed custom power commander map files for most sportbikes and cruisers, foreign and domestic. This is a map that was set up on a dyno in wisconsin. Alternate maps each power commander is supplied with a number of alternate maps on a cdrom and all the maps are available for download on dynojets website. If anyone has any suggestions for my bike it would be greatly appreciated. Dynojets power commander has been a popular tool for backyard mechanics who want to finetune their engines fuel injection settings, particularly for track applications.

Jan 14, 2010 does this mean you have a full exhaust sytem or a slip on muffler with a midpipe that eliminates the cataytic conv. Their downloadable maps often offer a good starting point for mapping. An airfuel ratio or egt gauge is highly recommended for proper tuning. The map is just adjustments made to whatever map is in the ecu. Mar 19, 2011 throttle response is a bit sluggish and im sure needs some kind of tune. This section contains information and instructions for tuning your harley that has been equipped with the dynojet power commander iii usb often called the pc3 using custom spreadsheets intended to automate most of the calculations. Thats why many people who download apparently ideal maps for their bikes from the dynojet website find that their bike doesnt run as well as they expected. They said i should use either the m4 slipon map,arrow slipon map, or the leo vince slipon map. Below you will find the power commander v software download. This is what happens when you download maps off the internet and try to improve them by the seat of pants. Will there be some generic maps i can use on the disk. Even if they did have a free map i still wouldnt recommend that you use it for anything more than a base map to help you tune it faster. Bikeman performance plus is not responsible for damages as a result of our maps.

You may use this information to experiment and help acquaint yourself with the software. For those of you with unique setups or are looking for live tuning the pc v offers the optional auto tune module with wideband o2 sensor dual sensors on v twin. Bikeman performance is a top performance parts company. Dedicated to performance and obsessed with speed, dynojet has been optimizing powersports vehicles since 1973. Dynojet continuously maps new calibrations for each bike for downloading at their web. Hassle free usb communication the power commander usb will instantly and automatically connect to the power commander control center software once it is installed. Below you will find the available manuals, install guides, firmware, and software for your power commander iiiusb. Power commander maps jump to latest follow 1 18 of 18 posts. Once downloaded, you need to change the extension from. The people at power commander tell me they do not have a map for my setup.

I am trying to download power commander 3 usb maps from the. Attached to your vehicle as a piggyback device that optimizes your airfuel ratio, this device can then be easily uninstalled to return to stock settings. You will be receiving a custom tuned fuel injection module that comes to you. Power commander v pcv downloads click here discloser. My maps are refined by hours of experienced tuning on the road and on the track. Power commander map files harley davidson vrod forum. I have an 07 gsxr 600 with a trc slipon with a stock air filter. Pcv custom maps autotune power commander honda rc51. I have gone through a few of the downloaded ones and have found one right now that doesnt flood with a quick twist of the throttle. Same reason my other bike bypasses the o2 sensor with a jumper.

We then download power commander maps and send one. Simply power up the unit and connect the supplied usb cable to the. It is your responsibility to determine whether these files are safe or not to use. Product, power commander, power commander iii usb, power vision. We take great pride in our performance products and continue to innovate. Mar 19, 2009 des walton of cruiser customizing shows kyle bradshaw how simple it is to map your own dynojet power commander. I have a stock air filter and the cans are only slip ons. Our power commander tuning device is a powerful device that can completely overhaul your driving experience. Free preprogrammed map, double warranty, and unlimited support. If you need help with your power commander iiiusb, please contact our power commander iiiusb customer support team. Download the complete set from the website and play. L extended power, commander, ftp commander, and many more programs.

Power commander control center by dynojet research inc, tourtrack by mobirfid mobile identification gmbh, total commander ultima prime by ultima prime etc. Speedwerx the worldwide leader in arctic cat snowmobile and. This is a collection of power commander maps ive assembled with help from some of the great members of the vtxoa. No dyno check or exhaust check, but the spark plugs are not showing any detonation and it cleaned up the black soot on the exhaust. Doesnt seem to be many power vision maps being shared. Problems finding and downloading power commander 3 usb. Power commander pc3 maps bareass choppers motorcycle tech. Just curious how many of you run the pcv and what map do you run. Super simple instructions to install various maps onto this awesome gadget. While taking the appropriate precautions for the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees, we are continuing to fulfill all orders and support our customers. Dynojet automotive and powersports dynamometers, performance. Power id3 editor is a full featured and easetouse tag editor for mp3, wma and ogg files. The generic maps are also custom maps in as much as they were custom tuned on various bikes. And if downloading a pcv pdf file in this thread, do the opposite.

My maps are developed by using the proper elevation feet above sea level and the proper outside temperature. Dynojet adapter usba to micro usb for c3 mobile app android only. Using power id3 editor you can easily edit, add or delete id3 tags data for your audio files. Power commander map dyno kings hayabusa owners group. I ordered a power commander v from and its scheduled to be here thursday. I am wondering if anyone else with a pciii and has a custom map they are willing to share. Dynojet power commander v map library ktm duke 390 forum. Instructional video for importing dynojet power commander maps with winpv software for use with the dynojet power vision. Des walton of cruiser customizing shows kyle bradshaw how simple it is to map your own dynojet power commander. For all your power commander 3 needs username and password for downloading the maps can be had here. What power commander map do you use if there isnt one for.

Dynojet research power commander pciii mapping video. To import a map, first you need to download a power commander map and save it someplace you can find it. The pc v software running on a laptop cannot load a pc iii map and visa versa. The device connects to a motorcycles wiring harness and allows the user to load in preset mappings for fuel injection and ignition. We have the largest dealer inventory of power commanders in the usa, when you order from fuel moto our power commanders are in stock for immediate shipping. I know theres another thread on here like this where people have quite a few maps posted up.

Twoposition map switching function built in map switch not included. The vic shop power commander maps victory motorcycles. Power commander pcv, or pcfc preprogrammed with ivans custom map dyno tuning not necessary reprogramming of your ecu akyamr1r6 blockoff plate kit bmc air filter also included with purchases from us. But theyre generic in as much as they arent custom made for your specific bike. Free power commander maps to download at shareware junction. This is the new improved version with a usb port instead of a serial port.

Power commander 2 free power commander software download. We have the worlds largest power commander map database offering calibrations for most popular combinations. How to flash your harley davidson with dynojet power vision what do i need to install a big bore kit on my hd milwaukee8 bike. From our early jet kits to maximize your motorcycles airfuel ratio to our newest power packages for turbocharged utvs, dynojet is always creating new ways to help our customers push the limit. We have the worlds largest power commander map database offering. On select models, gain control over fuel delivery and timing with the new power commander v with fuel and ignition control. How to load maps and overview of power commander 5 v1.

Mar 03, 2014 in this video we download and install the pcfc software from the dynojet website. The problem i am having is that the files that i end up with wont unzip, install, import or anything else. Next, you want to retrieve the original tune from the bike, and save that tune to a slot in the power vision. I will explain the purpose of all functions and displays of power commander 5 v1. We made two maps for this bike, one with the baffle in and one with it out. During checkout we will ask for your year, model, and performance modifications so a technician can program a custom map into your power commander v. Always get a custom tune or just dont bother trying to mod your bike. You must have a reasonable understanding about how powercommanders work to use the maps given here. Help i have a 2004 hayabusa full yosh exhaust r22 bling and a bmc race filter cant find a map for it any where. When you purchase a tuning product from fuel moto we will program the unit for you based on the information provided at the time of sale so it will will come to you plug and play, ready to.

If i havent already developed a map for your bike, i can develop one for you. Fuel moto offers the best prices in the usa on dynojet power commanders with unbeatable service. Here is a pc iii map for a 2007 96b softail custom, would be a good basestarter map. From what i understand, it lies to the ecu, thus preventing the ecu from fighting the power commander tune. Custom fuel map support fuel moto fully supports the dynojet tuning products for our customers and we are continually developing maps for new combinations. I am having trouble starting the engine when the power commander is installed. I figured as much, but i figured i start getting this info out there. Dynojet remains committed to the needs of the powersports and dyno community. In this video we download and install the pcfc software from the dynojet website. This is a collection of power commander maps ive assembled with help from some of the. Power vision importing a pc map with winpv instructional. Next, connect the power vision to your computer, open winpv, and then select get tune.

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