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This paper presents a lowvoltage lowpower differential programmable gain amplifier pga for wideband applications. Gain strobe 1 fpga 6b gain adjust fast gain control loop pga870. The pga103 is a programmablegain amplifier for general purpose applications. Lmp8358 1features description the lmp8358 is a precision programmable gain 23typical values unless otherwise noted, ta 25c instrumentation amplifier in tis lmp precision amplifier family. The ds4420 is a fully differential, programmable gain amplifier for audio applications. On the design of a programmablegain amplifier with builtin. Analog devices programmable gain amplifiers pgas provide excellent gain accuracy, channeltochannel matching specifications, and low 1 ppmc drift. Set your gain with a simple serial or parallel interface from 1 vv to over 4000 vv. This circuit shows how to develop inverting and noninverting programmable gain amplifiers with. December 2009 highspeed,fully differential, programmable. Programmable gain amplifier pga cypress semiconductor. Lmp8358 zerodrift,programmable instrumentation amplifier.

Pdf development of a programmable gain amplifier pga for 1. Goal of this work is to develop a programmable gain amplifier with sufficient bandwidth by. Pdf a 290mhz 50db programmable gain amplifier for wideband. Creatorz component datasheet page 2 of 16 document number. Pdf currentmode logdomain programmable gain amplifier. Pdf this paper presents a cmos programmable gain amplifier pga with 3db. Ultrahighperformance differentialoutput programmable gain instrumentation amplifier for data acquisition. Gains of 1, 10, or 100 are digitally selected by two cmosttlcompatible in. Pdf 900mv programmable gain amplifier for cochlear. Abstracttwo circuit techniques adopted in the design of an em bedded programmablegain amplifier pga for very lowvoltage. C interface and it is optimized to drive loads as low as 50 the gain is adjustable in 3db increments a.

Single supply, railtorail, low cost instrumentation amplifier, ad623an datasheet, ad623an circuit, ad623an data sheet. Programmable gain amplifiers pgas, operational amplifiers and comparators design guide high performance devices for a variety of precision and embedded systems applications design ideas in this guide use the following devices. Pdf gigabit ethernet baset is the leading standard in local area networks, enabling 1 gbs fullduplex. A complete device list and corresponding data sheets for these products can be found at. A vref analog vref is the input terminal for a reference signal. All min and max specifications are guaranteed, although only those shown in. The proposed cell is based on a g m boosted source degenerated. Spi programmablegain amplifier with input vos trim and output op amp. Ultrahighperformance differentialoutput programmable. Lmp8358 zerodrift, programmable instrumentation amplifier with diagnostics check for samples. Digitally programmable amplifier meets sensor gain, ranging needs. You can find detailed information about this block in the applicable device datasheet and technical reference manual trm.

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