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She eluded the british on several occasions, and the hunt for her is part of the drama finding her, losing her, fighting her, losing her again. The german navy was a fearsome superpower during wwii, and perhaps the crown jewel in its attack fleet was the juggernaut named bismarck. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the bismarck like never before, in. Pursuit, the sinking of the bismarck by ludovic kennedy. For dramatic effect the film showed bismarck sinking a british destroyer and shooting down two aircraft, neither of which happened. The sinking of the bismarck 833 kindle edition by shirer, william. The nook book ebook of the the sinking of the bismarck by william l. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. Rare archive footage retells the story of the seahunt embarked upon by the british navy in the second world war when all their efforts went into finding the. Look back at one of the most epic nautical chases and battles in naval history, the sinking of the mighty nazi battleship bismarck.

It tells the story of the allies hunt to destroy the german. Forester 18991966, the author of the popular horatio hornblower series of navalthemed books. Ex owner name inside the cover behind the flap no other writing or tears, dust jacket rubbed around the edges and a small scuffed area where a price sticker has been removed. The book was adapted for the movie sink the bismarck. Unfolding with the taut suspense of a blockbuster movie, this book brings the excitement and danger of world war ii to younger audiencesand demonstrates william l. Lutjens doesnt want to further jeopardize his ships in a costly engagement with british naval units. Its guns were much stronger and more accurate than any others in its daymeanin.

The british battleship hms prince of wales and the battlecruiser hms hood fought the german battleship bismarck and the heavy cruiser prinz eugen, which were attempting to break out into the north atlantic to attack allied merchant shipping. The bismarck is perhaps the most famous and notorious warship ever built. Pursuit the chase and sinking of the bismarck by ludovic. Bismarck, german battleship sources naval history and heritage. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. Unsinkable sam also known as oskar or oscar is the nickname of a real cat, reportedly in service as a ships cat during world war ii both in the kriegsmarine and the royal navy, surviving the sinking of three ships in total.

Closely based on the actual naval battle, the book is a novel. The history of the battle that destroyed nazi germanys most famous battleship chronicles the demise of world war iis most famous ship. Forester published his novel last nine days of the bismarck. It kept me interested to read, it certainly wasnt boring even though it really didnt lack in facts.

During world war ii, the german navy incorporated an unstoppable behemoth of a battle ship. The sinking of the bismarck new edition by ludovic kennedy isbn. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. It seems to be the exact same book and is well edited and very readable. William l shirer recounts events leading up to and surrounding the may 1941 destruction of the british battle cruiser hood by the german battleship bismarck, soon followed by the sinking of the german ship. How the royal navy tried to meet this threat and its desperate attempt to bring the giant bismarck to bay is the story c. Most tragic of all was the loss of the hms hood, the british navys star battleship, sunk by the bismarkin just minutes. The german navy was a fearsome superpower during wwii, and perhaps the crown jewel in its. Britain on the conveys bringing her supplies, and the line was threatened by a ship of the speed and forepower. The name oscar was given by the crew of the british destroyer hms cossack that. The last battle of the german battleship bismarck took place in the atlantic ocean approximately 300 nmi 350 mi.

As for the story, more information has come out since shirer wrote this book and we know more about the fate of the bismarck and the crew scuttling the ship. Sink the bismarck 1996 history channel documentary. Mega disasters the bismarck seconds from disaster is an american documentary television series that first began broadcasting in 2004 on the national. The fighting spirit, courage and endurance of both the british and the german officers and crews are vividly described in this dramatic authentic account of the sinking of the bismarck. From the moment of that disastrous first action it became a crucial call on the royal navy to destroy the german battleship. Includes information on the wreck, crew, models, internet websites. But the allies had to sink it or risk losing the war. The sinking of the bismarck 833 and millions of other books are available for instant access. Excitement, suspense surrounding the biggest naval hunt of world war ii, combine to make this one of the tops in this series, a book one reads with sustained excitement. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read the sinking of the bismarck. The famous war correspondent delivers an edgeofyour seat account of the naval chase and battle to take out one of hitlers most powerful warships. During world war ii, the bismarck was the pride of the german navy and the nightmare of great britain. It was enormous, overpowered, and a constant threat to.

The bismark was the greatest warship ever built, with guns so powerful and accurate it could destroy an enemy ship while safely staying outside the line of fire. William l shirer the story of the weeklong, hideandseek chase after the mighty bismarck. The sinking of the bismarck by will berthold fantastic fiction. First published in 1974, this work remains in the forefront of the many books, movies, and television programs about the epic world war ii drama played out in the stormy atlantic. First published in 1974, this work remains in the forefront of the. Shirer, famed wwii correspondent and author of the rise and fall of the third reich, captures every moment of the perilous mission. William shirer, famed world war ii correspondent and author of the rise and fall of the third reich, captures every suspenseful moment of the perilous mission. The sinking of the bismarck documents its rise and incredible fall. William l shirer chronicles the british navys twothousandmile chase to sink the german battleship bismarck in may 1941 after it sunk the british battleship, the hms hood, during the battle of the denmark. The battle of the denmark strait was a naval engagement on 24 may 1941 in the second world war, between ships of the royal navy and the kriegsmarine. In this book, told from the point of view of the crew of the bismarck, is described the hunt and the final kill.

Although it was a decisive action between capital ships, it has no generally accepted name. One knows how it ends, but the speeches, political stances of the military, the interest in the hunt at that time and other occurances that are not discribed in most history books make it a very interesting read. Before the bismarck can get a chance to fire on any of the british convoys, she must be sunk. This 41,000ton behemoth was crewed by nearly 2,000 soldiers, over 100 officers. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This 41,000ton behemoth was crewed by nearly 2,000 soldiers. The deadly hunt is a 1962 historical nonfiction book by william l. The complete operational history of the bismarck from inception to final demise. The bismarck s captain, lindemann, wants to pursue the crippled price of wales and finish her, but he is overuled by fleet admiral gunther lutjens, who is aboard as overall commander of the mission. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the sinking of the bismarck 833. A very good book for any middle grader or why not an adult which is interested in a short and interesting read about such a wonderful story which is the sinking of the great bismarck. I purchased this used hardcover book used from amazon in november 2010.

The bismarck sailed from gdynia on 18 may 1941 in company with the heavy cruiser prinz eugen, but the two ships were intercepted by a royal navy force in the denmark strait, north of iceland. The sinking of the bismarck ebook written by william l. Completed in 1941, the 45,000ton german battleship sank hms hood, the pride. The sinking of the bismarck kindle edition by shirer, william l download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

In the ensuing battle the british battle cruiser hms hood was sunk with the loss of. The deadly hunt 9781402736162 by shirer, william l. The basic premise is the few days in may of 1941 when the german battleship, the bismarck, put to sea. But all in all, an excellent and readable introduction to the story of the bismarck.

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